Title of Work

Aching for Sacred Spaces

Description of Work

This image was made in early 2021, inside a local cafe that was operating takeout-only. It is a space that is very dear to me, one in which I spent countless hours (pre-pandemic) studying and reading, rejuvenating and relaxing with friends.

Recently, as I browsed books while waiting for a latte to-go, this scene caught my eye. The warm light pouring in through a large window fell over my favorite table, marked as "unavailable" by the chairs perched upon it. It would remain, understandably, unavailable for months to come. I was reminded, as I so often am these days, of what all of us have lost: normalcy, stability, the million little things that make life bearable. That is the aftermath of this pandemic. It is an aftermath that will soon become a memory, but it remains devastating nevertheless.

I chose 35mm film over digital for this image because it evokes the deep, aching nostalgia that I felt when I discovered the scene. This image is a time capsule, a reminder to myself never to take for granted those beautiful moments in-between. As such, film, with all its fickle idiosyncrasies, was the perfect medium.

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