Title of Work

Deeply Rooted

Description of Work

I captured this photo on my first solo hike, a very memorable moment for me. I was tired and questioning why I was putting myself in this position. No one would know if I turned back, but I would. Right at that moment, I stopped looking down at my feet and looked up at this scene. “Oh wow,” I said. The trees, strong and tall, but that was not what captured my attention. It was the roots. Exposed, intricate, and vulnerable and I realized at that moment that this scene portrayed me. The journey has been an uphill climb that has made me wary, questioning my beliefs, strength, intentions, willingness to persevere, and decisions. I push myself to the breaking point time and time again, but all is forgotten in the aftermath. I saw nothing but beauty. Most look at the trees not realizing the roots they have had to grow to be this powerful. At every stage of our lives, every challenge, and experience our roots are growing and intertwining with each other. I am learning to pause and appreciate them and appreciate the roots of others. My roots are hidden deep within me and only I have the power to reveal them to the world.

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