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Rebecca Bonnett

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APN 605

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Fall 2018



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The following project assesses a case study for a young adolescent girl. She was referred to her health care provider due to excess weight. Her BMI is above the 96th percentile resulting in obesity, which caused concern to her family. Obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure run in her family so she is at increased risk of developing a non-communicable disease when she gets older if she does not gain the proper nutritional needs and education. The purpose of this project is to assess a 3-day meal plan that the young adolescent typically consumes then develop interventions and goals to meet in order to begin living a healthy life. Different federal funding programs are examined to determine if they meet nutritional needs. An educational handout is also provided to reference when dealing with weight management. The ultimate goal of this project is to educate the young adolescent as well as her family on dietary patterns and to encourage foods fully enriched with healthy fats, healthy carbohydrates, protein, and vitamins and minerals, while eliminating processed foods and sugar-sweetened beverages from dietary patterns. If goals are met, consumption of adequate nutrients will be achieved, while developing healthier lifestyle choices and increasing energy expenditure.

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Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, BMI, SNAP, EBT, Child and Adult Care Food Program, Physical Activity, Hypertension




Parents, children,adolescents, and adults suffering from weight management issues, families with increased risk for obesity, diabetes, and other non-communicable disease.

Childhood Obesity: Assessing A Case Study

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