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Micaela Karlsen

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APN 625

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Spring 2019



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This handout informs the audience about ways to reduce the risk of or even prevent the progression of gestational diabetes into needing insulin medication or after pregnancy. This will include tips on healthy defaults for dietary and lifestyle modifications such as making healthy alternatives easy and more attractive, as well as the role of physical activity in diabetes prevention, and maintaining weight. It will also include information on nutrient needs while pregnant.

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diabetes mellitus, gestational diabetes, fruits, vegetables, glycemic control, whole grains, pregnancy, carbohydrate, physical activity




Expecting mothers with high risk of gestational diabetes or those diagnosed with gestational diabetes and are at high risk for diabetes progression after delivery. The pamphlet will be at an 8th grade reading level. The handout is intended for nutrition and health professionals to provide to pregnant women who attend their clinic.

Prevent The Progression Of Gestational Diabetes After Pregnancy

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