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Micaela Karlsen

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APN 625

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Spring 2018



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This handout is designed to inform collegiate athletes about various nutritional strategies that can provide a positive boost to their immune system during their competitive season. Collegiate athletes are a population that tends to experience high levels of both acute and chronic illness, especially upper respiratory-related infections due to poor nutrition, poor rest and recovery and tendencies to over-train. The amount of high-intensity training sessions that occur in succession can lead to chronic immunosuppression in collegiate athletes. Chronic or acute Illness can lead to missed training or competitive opportunities and can negatively influence a student-athlete’s success and overall health.

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Immune System, Nutrition, Athletes, Vitamins, Minerals, Diet, Sleep, Recovery, Over-Training, Hygiene, Protein, Fats, Energy Needs




This hand out is intended for use by nutrition, food service, athletic training, strength and conditioning and coaching professionals.

Note: This handout is written at an 8th grade reading level

Immune-Boosting Nutritional Strategies For Collegiate Athlete: How-To Pamphlet

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