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Micaela Karlsen

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APN 625 - Nutrition Practice for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

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Summer 2020



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This is a brochure which gives tools to people who are trying to avoid dining out in order to improve their nutrition by eating at home. However, they need more information and guidance as to how to do this successfully. Obesity is not only a product of eating at restaurants outside of the house, but it is also caused by eating habits throughout the day at home, which stem from grocery shopping practices. The information provided creates awareness that well-intentioned home eating habits can still be damaging to health, and offer advice as to how somebody can set up their default home environment to facilitate healthier and more nutritious eating habits. In addition, tips are provided about how to stick to one’s shopping list of planned and healthy foods by creating awareness of advertising in grocery stores. It prompts customers into impulse purchasing foods they did not plan buy, which typically lack nutritional value and are higher in fat and sugars.

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Artificial hunger stimulation, In-store stimuli, Impulse buying, Willpower, Food advertisements, Grocery shopping list, Healthy defaults, Healthy home environment, Eating environment at home, Food commercials



Creating a Healthy Home Environment for Good Nutrition

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