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Moira Burke

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APN 605

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Spring 2018



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This handout illustrates the risks associated with overweight and obesity as well as evidence for how losing weight can reduce these risks. This is meant to be a motivational handout for those looking to improve their health through weight loss. The information in this handout is completely evidence-based and cites the articles from which each fact came so as to provide additional reading materials for those looking to learn more about their health and the benefits of losing weight.

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Nutrition, risk reduction, disease, weight loss, comorbidities, osteoarthritis, diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer.




Educational handout.

This educational handout may be used for young adults who are either recommended or are looking to reduce their body weight for health purposes. The handouts should be at a sixth grade reading level.

The Risks You Toss When Getting Lean

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