Doctor of Physical Therapy students at UNE develop and/or participate in the delivery of an evidence-based disease/injury prevention or health promotion/wellness project. The papers which serve as the foundation for these projects address: the risk factors for developing the target injury/disease, interventions that have been shown to be effective in decreasing risk, evidence for the underlying theory(ies) of behavior change, methods of program delivery, and proposed methods of program evaluation. Often, these projects also result in resources intended for use by health providers and the general public.


Papers from 2015


A Review Of Screening Processes For Physical Distress And Appropriate Outcome Measures For Outpatient Rehabilitation Referral In Cancer Survivorship, Ashley Tomaswick, Sebastian Stoltzfus, Margaret Masiak, Erika Lopez, Mary Leopold, Alyssa Grigware, Samantha Fisk, and Matthew Denning

Papers from 2014


Cancer Survivorship Care: An Emphasis On Rehabilitation Needs In Maine, Miranda Carlson, Nicole Christine, Charles Dowd, Cassandra Dawley, Irina Fedulow, Lisa Gerhardt, Erin Pike, Kaitlin Powers, and Angela Serrani