Faculty Advisor(s)

Michael Sheldon
Amy Litterini

Document Type

Course Paper

Publication Date

Fall 2014


© 2014 Miranda Carlson, Nicole Christine, Charles Dowd, Cassandra Dawley, Irina Fedulow, Lisa Gerhardt, Erin Pike, Kaitlin Powers, Angela Serrani


The first section of this report addresses the evidence of causation concerning impairments developed as a result of a cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment. The second section investigates the evidence regarding rehabilitation and physical activity as an effective intervention in the prevention and treatment of impairments from cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment. The third section discusses the underlying behavioral change theory for incorporation of our Cancer Survivorship Rehabilitation Algorithm (Appendix 1), which details our proposed use of rehabilitation and wellness services in the continuum of cancer care and includes an outline for a survivorship care plan. This section also discusses the efficacy of delivery of our product to healthcare professionals. The fourth section outlines our proposed methods of evaluation for the utilization of our algorithm.


The presentation given to stakeholders regarding implementation of this paper's recommendations can be found here:




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