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Background: Medial Plica Syndrome (MPS) is a source of anteriormedial knee pain. Caused by irritation of the medial plica (MP) by overuse, repetitive use or direct impact. Plica are folds on the synovial membrane formed as the synovial joint develops. Conservative treatment aimed at decreasing compressive forces at the knee are recommend have. Interventions should include open-chain activities that cause minimal joint stress on the anterior aspect of the knee and hamstring stretching. Tight hamstrings place stress on the anterior aspect of the knee during extension. Purpose: To demonstrate the use of close-chain quadriceps strengthening and hamstring stretching in a case of MPS in an adolescent to improve quadriceps strength and hamstring length, therefore decreasing pain and avoiding surgery.

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Physical Therapy

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Closed-Chain Quadriceps Strengthening And Hamstring Stretching In The Conservative Treatment Of Medial Plica Syndrome: A Case Report
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