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© 2020 Nicholas Anthony DeJosia

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Doctor of Education (EdD)



First Advisor

Michelle Collay

Second Advisor

Bryan Corbin

Third Advisor

Sam Pacheco


There is a need for adjunct faculty in community colleges to be supported by administration at the program director level or by those that have experience socializing new adjunct faculty into their departments, to ensure the promotion of student success in the classroom. This qualitative phenomenological study allowed the researcher to interpret the subjective lived experiences of ten educational leaders within a community college to document how they support adjunct faculty members to develop teaching methods to promote student success. The research question posed was, what do program directors and those who have experience socializing new adjunct faculty into their departments at CCVCC do to support adjunct faculty in the promotion of student success? The beliefs and actions of these educational leaders striving to support adjunct faculty were documented and analyzed. The findings of this study show that these educational leaders at CCVCC teach adjunct faculty to support students both socially and academically, to display value for student wellness, and to articulate specific student outcomes. Leaders provide resources to adjunct faculty and communicate cohesively with them. The findings from this study are useful for community college positional leaders and for adjunct faculty seeking to promote student success through the improvement of teaching. It is recommended leaders focus on providing adjunct faculty professional development opportunities which are both practice driven and policy oriented.


Ed.D. Dissertation