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Westbrook Seminary boys posed on the sign at Morrill's Corner, Portland, Maine, in 1919-1920, are George Finch (Newton, Mass.) Jim Balfour (Norwood, Mass.), Norbert King and Jack King (Mattapan, Mass.), Eugene Smith (Cliftondale, Mass.) and Frank Escoval (Porto Rico, Central America).

The Morrill's Corner sign reads: "Steady America! Let's assure good fortune for all. Elect Harding and Coolidge. Let's be done with Wiggle and Wobble."

A note, with the black & white snapshot, from Eugene Smith to Dorothy Healy reads: "Philip Harding Cate was a member of our class, too and was nicknamed 'Prexy'. Harding was 29th President; died, died in San Francisco after returning sick from a trip to Alaska. Coolidge finished term and was elected President. Coolidge gained popularity when he maintained, in the Boston Police: 'There is no right to strike against public safety by anybody, anywhere, any time.'"


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Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge


Gift of Eugene Smith, Westbrook Seminary, Class of 1922.

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Presidential Election, President of the United States



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