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Five Westbrook Junior College ski team members pose with their coach in this 1949 black and white photograph by La Fond Studio, Commercial Photography. Written on the back of the photo in pencil is: George Albert, Carol Evans '49, Dorothy Gerniss '49, Joan Towne '49, Cynthia Jones '49,and Mary Condon '49.

The young college women are attired in fashionable 1940s ski togs and ski boots. They still wear their competition bib numbers and hold their ski poles. The two ski team members in the center of the photo hold a trophy. One wears a cowl scarf around her head and ears and neck. One wears a hat with ear flaps. Coach Albert wears leather gloves, a ski cap with ear flaps, and glasses. All grin and laugh, enjoying their recent ski team victory.


Black and white photograph


La Fond Studio

Creation Date

Winter 1949

Size of Original

9 7/8 inches x 8 1/8 inches

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